ENMEC 2010
6-8 September 2010
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EngOpt 2010
6-9 September 2010
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ICCS16 2011
28-30 June 2011
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UTFPr was officially inaugurated in September 23, 1909. It is home to 52 Departments distributed among 11 faculties (campus). In total, 63 undergraduate courses are offered to more than 17,962 students. As far as graduate studies are concerned, UTFPr has 2 doctoral and 9 masters programs. The UTFPr staff is recognized internationally for their high-level research and leadership complemented by 1,393 professors (602 masters and 340 doctor degrees) and 647 technicians.

The NuMAT is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is structured into sixteen research groups in the various areas of Mechanical Engineering, whose research activities have been funded over the years by numerous Brazilian agencies, such as CAPES, CNPq, FINEP and Araucária Foundation.


The NuMAT - Nucleus of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics is composed by researchers from Federal Technological University of Paraná and from the national and international collaborating institutions and by representatives from the companies which maintain technical partnerships with NuMAT. In this way, the research model currently adopted in NuMAT and established through a successful university-industry partnership so as to be always aligned with the real needs of the productive sector. In this context, the mission, vision and objectives of the NuMATs are: